Need Temporary Staff?

At TNA Medical we understand that maintaining the right staffing levels is crucial to both patient care, and internal process. As such, we are available  24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have a few strategies that we use to try and manage your temporary staffing needs:

  • Travelling Locums – we try to maintain a pool of full time agency nurse, doctors and AHP’s who travel to our hotspots. They will stay in accommodation and assist clients in high pressure areas.
  • Agency Bank – our team are trained to closely monitor ad-hoc and last minute requirements. They will assess patterns and communicate with the client to establish problem areas/shift types. We then recruit for these specific areas. Using our extensive database and wide-reaching network we will build an Agency Bank specifically for you.

If you need temporary staff right now, or you want to know more, then please get in touch.

Via email or call us on 0333 321 9080 (free from landlines and mobiles).